Jeff Jackson is ready to mix your next song.

Jeff Jackson is ready to mix

your next song.


Jeff Jackson went from being an aspiring artist to a sought after mixing engineer. With an ear and passion for music, Jeff made his way to one of the biggest hubs for music in Los Angeles in 2013. He landed a gig at the famous Larrabee Studios, quickly worked his way up to becoming assistant mix engineer to Manny Marroquin, and had hand in albums for today’s biggest Pop, Alternative, and Hip – Hop musicians for 3 years. Shortly after leaving Larrabee Studios in 2017 he founded MixOne with the goal of building a community of engineers.

Jeff is now the first and only mixing engineer represented by Quincy Jones. With several years of experience, Jeff has developed a strong list of clientele that challenges him professionally while using his creative technique to incorporate both the artist and producers vision before finalizing the mix. He’s recently landed placements with Netflix’s The Trail Of The Chicago 7 (“Sun Is Shinning” Bob Marley), HBO’s Lovecraft County, HBO’s Insecure (Shy Wind – Maxwell Hunter ft. Masego), Gatorade commercial (FUN! – Vince Staples), Netflix’s Project Power (My Power – CHIKA), and Apex Legends (Fight – Bobby Sessions).

In 2021, Jeff teamed up with Universal Music Group and popular meditation app Calm in their first – ever partnership ‘Calm Remix Series: Hit Songs Reimagined for Bedtime. ‘This series features 60 minute long songs that feature artists like Post Malone, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Luis Fonsi, Shawn Mendes, and Kacey Musgraves. Each song created to assist listeners in falling asleep.




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